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1 x Push Monster - Extreme Deep Throat Masturbator
1 x RUSH ORIGINAL tall bottle, 24 ml
Silicone Nipple Sucker Set
1 x JUNGLE JUICE ULTRA STRONG tall bottle, 24 ml

Content: 48 ml (2 x 24 ml)
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0

With the third Test Pack, you'll be ready for extra stimulating masturbation sessions thanks to two poppers, two nipple suckers, one of our best-selling masturbator and the very famous Rush Lube Water-based to glide inside with excitement. Perfect for solo masturbation, these sex-toys can also be used during foreplay with your partner to live exciting and different-than-normal sensations, so go ahead and spice things up in the bedroom with these!

Open up the bottles of poppers and let their wonderful aroma fill the room, getting you ready to hot games without taboo and inhibitions. Made with strong Isopropyl nitrite and in a tall format, these poppers are some of the strongest on the market, making you absolutely horny and relaxed so you can enjoy more satisfying sessions.

The Original Rush poppers is simply put the best-selling poppers on the market that will turn you into a relaxed slut, ready to dive in a world of pleasure and open the doors of maximum relaxation!

Jungle Juice Ultra Strong is our very own creation mixing some of the strongest isopropyl nitrite we've had the pleasure of trying, making all the other poppers pale in comparison. When you're ready, open the bottle and you'll be instantly in the mood and horny for what is to come!

The bottle of Rush Lube is the best-selling lubricant from our online shop, thanks to a wonderfully creamy texture, a water-based formula that is easy to wash away and a particularly practical bottle that can be used with ease even in the heat of the moment with one hand and make you glide for a long time!

When you need to stimulate an often-forgotten area of your body, namely the nipples, we have some nice addition to your sex-toy accessories: the Nipple Suckers are place on each nipple and when pressed, will pull and suck on them for nice sensations and make them harder and more sensitive. Try them in conjuction with masturbation and you'll be super excited!

Product details:
✓ Contains everything you need for really fun sessions
✓ Best-selling poppers Rush Original and Jungle Juice Ultra Strong
✓ Practical tall bottles containing 24 ml of pure bliss
✓ With a great water-based lube
✓ Two black nipple suckers at a low price
✓ One of our best-selling masturbators is included
✓ Perfect for stimulating sessions!

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