Blue Boy 10 ml

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Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

This aroma originated on the other side of the Atlantic during the Disco Era, and has only got more popular since then... All over the world!

Blue Boy is a favourite incense of everyone who likes to party: easy to use, powerful without being too strong, and available in a variety of amounts.

So, the only question remains: how much Blue Boy do you need? Do you prefer a modestly sized bottle, to take with you on all your strange, erotic journeys? Or a larger one for on your nightstand, to ensure you won't run out of poppers during your next horny bedroom adventure?

Take your pick; this is the smallest and handiest Blue Boy Poppers we have - ten millilitres of pleasure!


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Rating: 5/5
by New Guy verified buyer 2017-03-12
First time, liked it!

Not sure if it is the best but i recently tried this poppers for the first time and really enjoyed the feeling.

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