Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup

by Tenga

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The Original Vacuum Cup by Tenga is the first Onacup product created by the japanese produced of male masturbators. With millions and millions of articles sold throughout the world, it has become a classic and a must-have for all pleasure-seekers out there.

With its multi-leveled stimulation points, incredible and very different experiences await each time. The Air Hole can prevent air from penetrating the cup, creating incredible suction and realistic masturbation sensations, similar to deep throat. The inner tunnel is full of tight and rough edges for increased stimulation along your shaft, try different directions, press on the cup and block the air hole for enhanced sensations! The special lubricant ring holds the lubricant and helps smearing lube on your cock and in the masturbator.

How to use the Original Tenga masturbator

Start by inserting lube on the entry for a smoother penetration and better sensations. We recommend using water-based lube which is easier to clean. The hourglass form allows a tight and secure grip on the masturbator. Once fully inserted, start stroking and enjoy incredible sensations. Masturbation with a cup is showing amazing results to help you last longer in bed. The more you train, the better you'll get! Tenga Onacup are generally made for single uses but can be used a couple times.

✓ Millions of units sold all around the world
✓ The first Onacup and most-sold Tenga product
✓ Soft, silky insertion
✓ Extra adherence and tightness
✓ Hourglass-shaped to provide tight hold
✓ Amazing vacuum & sucking possibilities
✓ Skin-friendly & easy to clean

inches cm
Total length 6 15.2
Insertable length 5.8 14.7
Insertable width 2.58 6.55
Weight 4.65 oz / 132 g
Material TPE, PE
Colour black


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