Tenga - Egg Set

by Tenga

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The first Tenga Egg set contains six quality masturbators that all provide different sensations thanks to their inner structure and texture. Get to know each and every one of them thanks to the egg box.

Step 1: peel the protection layer and open the egg.
Step 2: apply lube.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: profit!

The first generation eggs are amongst the best-sellers by Tenga, Japan's No.1 sextoys and pleasure manufacturer: you will love the eggs Spider, Clicker, Silky, Wavy, Twister and Stepper!

Product details:

✓ 6 high quality masturbators
✓ Each has a different inner texture
✓ Very easy to use
✓ Lube samples included
✓ Discreet Ona-Cup design

Save money when you buy the pack instead of each egg separately!


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