Jungle Juice Poppers

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Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

We'll go out on a limb here and assume you're trying to find either 1) a very good incense generally, or 2) the very famous Jungle Juice Poppers specifically. You're in luck: both quests end at this website, since we have exactly the aroma you're looking for! What's that, you ask? Itís The Original Room Odorizer, as advertised on the bottle - 100% pure, 100% original, and 100% effective! Only the real thing is sold here, so hold on to your butts!

What is Jungle Juice?

Many of us know JJ to be a mix of different kinds of liquor (the kinds depending on whatever's at hand), "invented" by US soldiers during WWII. However, even if you came to a concoction encompassing every kind of alcoholic beverage ever produced, you still wouldn't come close to the strength Poppers Jungle Juice offer! So strong, you shouldn't even consider drinking it. (Really, we're not joking: this stuff isn't potable!)


The "plus" on the bottle confirms this: it stands not only for extra strong, but also for extra fast-working and extra intense - extra everything you need! It hasn't anything to do with the bottle's size, since its smaller, fifteen-millilitre counterpart carries the same label. But... Why bother with a medium-sized bottle when you can have all twenty-four millilitres? Better to have and not to need, than to need and not to have! Besides: the more the merrier hornier!


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Rating: 5/5
by eric69 verified buyer 2017-04-25
Good for jerking off

I'm really into poppers lately and use jungle juice plus to jerk off. Safe fun and exciting.

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