Lube Tube

7.90 EUR

incl. VAT.

The Lube Tube is a lubricant syringe that makes sure you can apply the right amount of lube where you need it. Tow syringes are included in this pack and can be used with any lubricant available (be it liquid or more gel-like, water-based or silicone). 

How to use the lube tube:

Have some lube ready in a container or a cup, put the tip of the lube syringe in and pull on the trigger to fill the tube. Choose the right spot and push on the triggers with or without inserting it first.

You can dose really easily how much lubricant you need and apply it correctly thanks to the Lube Tube. The round tip is perfect for insertion and also has a cap to prevent leaking when you don't use it.

Length: approx. 8 cm
Diameter: approx. 1 cm


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