COLT Big Man Cleanser

by Colt

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Experience simple, quick and easy anal douching thanks to the COLT Big Man Cleanser: a handy bulb and insert with a special twist design for extra-stimulation. The insert is easily screwed on the bulb and is easily detached for a more efficient cleaning after use.

The bulb can hold up to 420 ml of liquid, be it water, lube or champagne. Everything holds perfectly well in your hand thanks to its special anti-slide material.

Product details:
✓ Firm yet pliable spiraled cleanser probe
✓ Generously sized EZ squeeze bulb
✓ Easy to assemble, clean, and use
✓ Phthalate free PVC
✓ 15 cm x 4 cm (probe)
✓ 9 cm x 15 cm (bulb)

Material: rubber
Color: black


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