Anal Douche - Ball Head

by Push Xtreme Fetish

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This Ball Head Anal Douche by Push Xtreme is made of beautiful and durable aluminium, hard but light enough for a comfortable use for your daily or weekly ablutions. The 7 holes allow a thorough cleanliness and the water flow will be steady. 

The form of the nozzle is particularly stimulating when you insert it for added pleasure while anal douching. Who says your nozzle need to be small, straight and boring?

The base is the universal 1/2" screw that can be used on any shower hose all around the world. After use, clean it with warm water, soap and dry the water excess with a towel or let it air dry vertically.

Tips for anal douching:
- Shower hose are the easiest and save the most time when cleaning your ass,
- You can also control the flow very easily while you're in the shower,
- Low pressure is best (the stream should jump at max. 5" / 13 cm in the air),
- No need to insert it all the way,
- If you want a quick clean, repeat the process between five and twelve times.

Product details:
Length: approx. 7.87" / 20 cm
Insertable length: approx. 7.48" / 19 cm
Diameter: approx. 0.71-0.87" / 1,8-2,2 cm
Material: aluminium


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