Penis Pump - Beginner's Power Blue

by Pipedream

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The Beginner Pump is incredibly simple and efficient for all your penis-pumping needs! Insert, pump and enjoy bigger erections with the most secure and effective way of increasing your penis' size. If having surgery is not for you, try buying a pump and you'll notice instant results.

Penis pumps use the power of vacuum to increase the pressure and suction inside the cylinder, making your blood vessels and spongy muscles bigger than before. Pressure stimulates your blood flow and keep it where you need it the most. Penis pumps are know worldwide for their supposed power in cock growth and are being more and more recognized for being efficient at what they do: if you need to kickstart your erection (particularly in the case of erectile dysfunction and impotence) penis pumps are the best. 

Not only do they stimulate your penis as soon as you insert yourself in the rubber sleeve, the pumping excites you instantly. Every square centimeter of your cock will be stimulated and pumped up!

Insertable Length: approx. 7.48" / 19 cm
Total length: approx. 7.87" / 20 cm
Diameter: approx. 2.2" / 5.6 cm
Material: ABS Plastic


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