Hoolalass Anal Lock - Yellow

by Keepburning

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The Hoolalass system the perfect innovation if you want more cock, balls and anal stimulation!

The yellow Hoolalass Anal Lock by Keepburning

KeepBurning is proud to present its latest innovation in the world of cockrings and anal pleasure in a yellow variant edition: the Hoolalass. Its double cock ring system can also be used as a combo cock ring and ballstretcher or cock ring and anal plug. In order to do this you will need an extra KeepBurning plug or dildo of high quality and you will feel rock hard thanks to its double stimulation: your cock will feel super hard thanks to the stimulating effect of the cock and ball rings and you can pound your partner while you get yourself your fair share of pounding from the anal plug. Thanks to its sturdy yet stretchy silicone and the fact that both rings are inter-connected, every single movement you do will reverberate in your ass for even more pleasure and more orgasms.

How to use the yellow Hoolalass Anal Lock

You can use it as is shown on the picture for so many delicious possibilities, each of them different and depending on your mood and needs. By changing the position or orientation of the Anal Lock, you will feel more sensations while the ring does its job and makes you erect for a longer time. You can put one around your cock and the second ring around your balls or you can attach a dildo or an anal plug to it and put it right up your ass. If you want even more sensations, simply put on some lube and get ready for some awesome slippery fun! We recommend washing it inside out after every use with hot water and soap.

Note: The dildo on the picture is not included.

✓ The Hoolalass serves as cock ring, ballstretcher and you can fit an anal plug on it
✓ Highly flexible and easy to use
✓ Suitable for every penis diameter
✓ Extra soft silicone
✓ Can either stimulate your hole or your cock and balls

Length ca. 6.69" (ca. 17 cm)
Height ca. 0.98" (ca. 2.5 cm)
Diameter ca. 1.18 and 1.57" (ca. 3 and 4 cm)
Material Silicone
Color Yellow
This special sex-toy is unique and will rock your world with many delicious possibilities!


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