Rush Cum Lube 100 ml

by Push Lubes

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Content: 100 ml / 3,4 oz

The Rush Cum Lube is a premium lube made of silicone and water, particularly recommended for both vaginal and anal intercourse. Its special (and amazing) property is that it looks and feels like real sperm. It has the same consistency and will make you crave for more.

Whether you want to use it with your ejaculating dildo or while playing around with your partner, you can celebrate sperm thanks to this amazing lubricant. The small bottle is particularly discreet so you can carry it around.

Product details:

✓ Feels and looks like sperm
✓ Water- and silicone-based lube
✓ Simple and clean dosage
✓ Unique hypoallergenic formula
✓ Suitable for sextoys and condoms
✓ No preservatives, free from oil and grease
✓ Long-lasting lubrication
✓ Body- and skin-friendly


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