Power Balls - Anal Beads

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The Power Balls Anal Beads will give you unforgettable orgasms through anal stimulation. Its power secret lies in its 'double bead system', in which each bead contains a smaller metal weighted ball. Therefore you will notice these beads jiggling in your butt every time you move, adding extra pleasure to your stimulation.

Once you start using anal toys, you will not want to live without them, especially these Power Balls! Using Anal beads has many advantages. Whether you are planing to complete your anal training or you want to increase the strength of your orgasms by training your pelvic floor, Power Balls can easily bring you there. And what is best: no batteries are needed!

How to use power Anal Beads:

Before the first time and after every use, clean your anal beads with warm water and mild soap or sextoy cleaner. Afterwards, smear the beads with water-based lubricant. Introduce them one by one until all that is left is the security rope. To reach ultimate pleasure pull out the beads one by one before you climax.

These 5 power beads have been bound together by a strong nylon string and wrapped up with latex. They are compact and tear proof. Unlike other love balls, every power ball is the same size. If it is your first time using anal toys, use a lot of lube and go slowly. If you're already experienced in the field of anal stimulation, The Power Balls will bring you infinite fun for a very affordable price!

Total length: approx. 37 cm / 14,57"
Diameter: approx. 3.5 cm / 1,38"
Material: Latex
Color: black


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