COLT Bum Buddy Anal Enema

by Colt

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The Bum Buddy by Colt is an Anal Enema made for easy, quick and thorough cleaning before getting down to business. The curved tip allow for simple insertions and the rounded form adds extra-stimulation, thanks to the smooth silicone material.

The soft TPR bulb of the Bum Buddy can store up to 460 ml of liquid, be it water, lube or champagne. Anal douching allows you to experience anal sex without complications and with a clean and clear state of mind, as well as complete confidence.

The insert and the bulb can be detached and washed independently with warm water and soap after every use. The curved shaft is perfect for reaching areas and the 360 holes clean everything around them. For easier insertions, add some water-based lube on the tip and enjoy deep anal douching.

Insertable length: approx. 15 cm
Total length: approx. 30 cm
Diameter insert: approx. 2,3 cm
Material: silicone, TPR
Color: black


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