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Content: 4 x 22 = 88 ml

Great deal: buy three bottles of Potent Blue and receive one additional bottle free of charge!

It's potent... It's blue... Need more hints? Potent Blue! Of course, these poppers hardly need an introduction: they've been a UK favourite for years now.

Not all that difficult to guess why... This scent belongs to a very rare class of scents with an "XXX Strong" label, so: know what you're getting yourself into!

Potent Blue is made all the more special because of the addition of a so-called "Power Pellet", which serves a double purpose. First of all, it protects the poppers from getting too moist by binding unwanted H2O molecules, thus guaranteeing longer aroma freshness.

Secondly, the power pellet adds strength to these (already extra-extra-extra-strong!) poppers if you shake the bottle before use. Try it out, but do make sure the cap is screwed on.

Warning: only for adults!

Special offer: 3 + 1 Potent Blue... Don't miss out!


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