Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant - Push Gold Lube

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Content: 250 ml

Push: the leading producer of poppers, sex toys, and... Lubricants? Indeed! Push lubes belong to the very best available, whether water- or silicone-based!

Meet Push Gold Lube - a lubricant so effective, it'll surely become your new favourite! It's silicone-based, and is produced specially for anal intercourse. Of course, this doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere/in other ways; Push Gold Lube, for instance, is perfect for masturbation, too!

What else should you know? Push Gold is silky smooth, non-sticky, and compatible with condoms. The extremely high viscosity of this lubricant guarantees safe, care-free, and long-lasting sexual experiences - as long as you play your part, as well!

Push Gold Lube has been:
- Invented for anal intercourse
- Dermatologically tested
- CE-marked

...and is:
- Skin- & condom-safe
- Hypoallergenic & non-sticky
- Made in Germany (EU)


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Rating: 5/5
by Dickie Robinson 2018-01-30
Premium Anal Lube!!!!

This is a thick non-sticky long-lasting lube! Also great nosel for easy solo play. So when your stroking or sitting on your dildo one-handed strokes are easy! Thick yet nonsticky and longlasting pleasure.