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Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Two of the most popular poppers brands in the world (Rush and Push) recently invented something entirely new: solid incense. Other labels couldn't stay behind, so we're now offering no less than six different kinds of solid poppers! Meet Kamasutra Solid Incense, an aroma specially made for those who prefer an erotic and sensual poppers experience.

KamasutraIncense - okay, but what's up with Kamasutra Solid Incense? Well,the ingredients responsible for the powerful effects of poppers have been chemically bonded to paraffin wax, andstart working their magic only after you rub the wax with your fingers. (since that's what causes the scent to be released)

This has several advantages. First of all, you decide when the poppers start working. Secondly, you are in control over how large a dose you want to use - the more scent you set free, the more intense your experience gets. And, last but not least: you don't have to worry about spilling any of the stuff!

Not really something tobe worriedabout anyway: the strong aluminium jar, in which the solid incense comes, is nearly unbreakable! Furthermore, it fits into your pocket easily, so that you can have your favourite poppers on you, anytime, anywhere! Try out Kamasutra Solid Incense and experience whole new sensations!

Information per the manufacturers label:

This product contains pentyl nitrite and is manufactured, labeled, marketed, and sold for use as a specialty commercial solvent cleaner. The label information is provided by the manufacturer. At the time this product was offered for sale this information was listed as provided. However, we assume no liability for accuracy as it is provided by third parties and the information may change without notice.

Always consult your label prior to use to insure you have the latest information:
  • Flash Point. 104C
  • EEC No. 207-332-7
  • UN No. 1113
  • CAS No. 463-04-7
  • Contains Pentyl Nitrite

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor. In case of contact with eyes or skin, flush freely with water and get prompt medical attention. If swallowed, give one or two glasses of water or milk and induce vomiting.


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