Penis Pump - Rookie of the Year

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Rookie of the Year Pump is an easy-to-use penis pump that guarantees an increase in the performance and size of your penis. With just a few pumps, your penis will get bigger, thicker and more powerful.

How to use the Rookie of the Year Penis Pump

The pump ball is simply attached to the cylinder with a flexible rubber hose. On the opening of the cylinder there is a soft rubber sleeve that gently surrounds your shaft and seals it tightly to increase the succion. Now close the small hole with the inscription Air Release with a finger. Start pumping with the pump ball and with each trigger you feel the resulting suction effect. Through the transparent cylinder you can observe the change of your penis. If the result matches your imagination, simply remove your finger from the opening so that the vacuum can dissolve quickly. Pull out of the cylinder and put on the enclosed penis ring. This will prolong the erection and delay the ejaculation.

Properties of the penis pump

The pump consists of a plastic cylinder and a pumping ball with a 27 cm long flexible rubber hose. The cylinder is equipped with an air release opening for rapid pressure relief. The removable rubber sleeve is made of soft, stretchy material. The pump should be cleaned and maintained after each use with warm water and a sextoy cleaner. Included in the pack is a test tube of a Toy Cleaner, a penis cream and a lubricant (contents 10 ml each), as well as a very effective cockring that will keep your cock rock hard!

Product details

Inner diameter: approx. 2.16" / 5.5 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 5.56" / 6.5 cm
Cylinder length: approx. 7.48" / 19 cm
Hose length: approx. 10.63" / 27 cm
Material: ABS plastic


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