Titanium Ltd Edition

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Content: 30 ml

Pop quiz!
Question: What is titanium?
Answer: One of the strongest metals known to man!
Question: What is Titanium?
Answer: One of the strongest poppers known to men!

Remember Radikal Rush? Great stuff, but - for some - still not strong enough. Now, meet Titanium: the next stage in poppers evolution! It's everything you've ever hoped for... And so much more!

Titanium's advantages:
- Thirty millilitres = a larger amount of incense than usual
- Aluminium bottle = unbreakable, easy to take with you
- Large opening = much more practical to use
- Mega Pellet = the incense stays fresh much longer

Titanium's disadvantages:
- Too strong = only experienced users, please!
- Much too strong = do you really think you can handle this stuff?

Ltd Edition - make sure you order a bottle before we're out of them!


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Rating: 5/5
by Ethan 2016-10-19
My #1

Titanium are good for fucking. If you wanna go rogue,took a whole bottle on my own over 2hours and have some awesome visions.

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