Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads - Blue

by CHISA Novelties

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Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads in Transparent Blue are especially made for beginners who want to deepen anal estimulation. What make these thai beads so perfect for beginners is their shape and size. Sassy features 10 beads that increase in size from 1 to 2.4 cm diameter on a31 cm long, flexible chain. This slowly increasing tempo of the beads is very handy and pleasant for early users.

How to use Sassy Anal Beads:
Clean the beads with warm water and soap before its use. Apply sufficient lube and procede to insert the beads starting with the smallest. The chain does not need to be inserted completely at the first time. If you are interested in anal training you can preceed to tense and relax your sphincter while having the beads inside. This will provide you mid-term a better control about your rectus muscle. Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Beads is also optimal to learn the exact time for pressure on the P-point just before orgasm. Use the ring to pull in and out.

Product details:
✓ Anal chain with 10 ascending large anal balls
✓ Perfect training for Beginners & Experienced users
✓ Soft & flexible
✓ Clear Blue
✓ Large pull ring allows full control at all times

Total length: approx. 31 cm / 12.20"
Diameter: approx. 1 - 2,4 cm / 0.39 - 0.94"
Material: PVC
Color: Clear Blue


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