Push Monster - Donut Silicone Cockring

by Push Monster Toys

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Sex Toys by Push Monster are famous for their efficient, practical designs and no-nonsense colours. This black cock ring is the Silicone Donut and offers a hugely successful ring design, taken from the Steel Series but made this time in the amazing new Soft-Touch Silicone material: cock rings made of silicone combine flexibility with durability, and are hard at work to keep you hard.

Instead of taking a love potion, pills or using surgery, this Silicone Donut will excite you thanks to its control of your blood flow, allowing your spongy muscles to embiggen and increasing your sensitivity along with your pleasure. A great shape for a cock ring, this donut is ideal for everyone experimenting with cock rings for the very first time or putting it around your testicles or both cock and balls for more sensations.

The flexible silicone stretches to fit around any cock effortlessly and is also more than strong enough to hold on to your dick tightly. If you treat it well, and keep it clean (warm water and soap suffice), the ring will be your best ally.

Product details :

✓ Hygienic, medical-grade silicone
✓ Stretchable, solid and light
✓ Grips your cock and balls and doesn't let go
✓ Enhance your erection and sensations
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Use with water-based lube

Ring Medium Large
Inner diameter ca. 1.57" (40 mm) ca. 1.77" (45 mm)
Thickness ca. 0.33" (8.5 mm)
Width ca. 0.79" (2 cm)
Material Soft-Touch Silicone
Color Black


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