Push Monster - Anal Balls Medium

by Push Monster Toys

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The Push Monster Anal Balls in Medium are monster-sized anal balls made of soft TPE, which are attached together in series on a long strap of smooth leather.

The balls are considerably larger than ordinary anal balls and are about the size of table tennis or golf balls. Their soft, skin-friendly TPE material makes them as flexible as a penis glans in an erect condition or like a stressball, which is much more comfortable when inserting and pulling out than with inflexible anal balls.

Their smooth leather is particularly long, which makes a complete disappearance impossible. In addition, it is very stable to reliably pull out the monster anal balls even with a strong counter-move.

Product details:
✓ Monster-sized Anal Balls
✓ Even stronger anal stimulation than with standard anal balls
✓ Non-toxic and odorless
✓ Free of latex and phthalates
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Body-friendly and Skin-safe
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Compatible with all lubricants
✓ Especially smooth, long and stable leather strap

Total length: approx. 54 cm / 21.26"
Ball Diameter: approx. 4 cm / 1.57"
Material: TPE (Balls), Leather (Strap)
Color: Black


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