Push Monster - Premium Silicone Anal Expander Kit

by Push Monster Toys

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Push Monster and its line of silicone sex toys presents the ultimate Anal Expander Kit.

What and who is the Anal Expander Kit for?
This quality kit consists in three flower-shaped butt plugs from different sizes that range from small to large. Each plug is easily bendable, so that you can carefully close both wings from each plug before the insertion. Best part of this kit for anal training is that everyone can reach amazing results, whether you're a man or a woman, you can expand and stretch following the right routine.

How to use it?
If you're a complete beginner, we recommend to start casually with the small plug and see how confortable you feel. To get serious, first take the plug and close the wings until it looks like one piece. Insert it slowly in. You will feel how the wings open inside doing the expanding work. If you need a couple of days or maybe a week before getting to the next level, that is ok. Do not rush and enjoy the training. The medium plug will give you joy and satisfaction, and you'll already be halfway to heaven. Important note: the use of water lube will improve significantly the experience. Do not use silicone-based lube as it might deteriorate the texture of the plugs.

Why should you buy this Anal Kit?
To reach the right goals, it is better when a continuous routine is followed. Now this implies to often excercise your hole by inserting the plugs. For this reason you should trust in the long-lasting quality and phthalate-free materials like the premium Soft-Touch Silicone. We guarantee that this Kit has been made with the best silicone to ensure you hygienic sessions of hard anal training. Nevertheless the more you take care of the plugs the better. That is, wash them before your first time and after every use with warm water and soap or special sex toy cleaner. After cleaning, let them air-dry. As always, keep them apart from other toys when stored. Follow these tips and these quality sex-toys will provide you loads of fun for a long time!

✓ 100% made of high-quality premium silicone
✓ anatomical and comfortable form
✓ flexible and soft material
✓ soft-rounded and made for men & women alike
✓ prostate stimulation for men
✓ strong anal expansion & intense pleasure
✓ skin-friendly & easy to clean

Small plug Medium plug Large plug
Total length 3.9" / 10 cm 4.7" / 12 cm 5.5" / 14 cm
Insertable length 2.3" / 6 cm 2.7" / 7 cm 3.1" / 8 cm
Closed diameter 1.6" / 4,2 cm 2" / 5,2 cm 2.4" / 6,2 cm
Material Silicone Soft-Touch
Colour black


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