Push Monster - Flexible Power Douche - Medium

by Push Monster Toys

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The amazing Flexible Power Douche by Push Monster is all you need for a hygienic cleaning thanks to its single but powerful water jet, thin diameter and super-soft material that allows an easy insertion. The long and supple Power Douche has the perfect length and size for the ultimate anal douche and is compatible with all standard 1/2 inch shower systems and the Push Monster Universal Big Bulb for an easy cleanup even when you're far from home.

Product details :
✓ Extra-long shower head
✓ Easy to use and easy to attach
✓ Smooth insertions with its conical tip
✓ A single powerful jet
✓ Soft silicone, skin and body-friendly
✓ Compatible with water-based lube

Total length : ca. 24.5 cm (ca. 9.6")
Insertable Length: ca. 23 cm (ca. 9")
Diameter : ca. 20 mm (ca. 0.8")
Material: silicone
Color: black


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