Brief - Premium Cotton Black / Yellow

by Push Underwear

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The exclusive new collection by Push Underwear, only sold in our shops, features Premium Cotton Black briefs that give your junk and butt a nice looking round form. The front pouch is so comfy that you will not feel the need to move your junk aoround ten times a day.

The premium cotton is super light, flexible and comfy, letting your skin breathe even as your sweat from all the sexy sport you've been doing. It always stays in place as the large waistband fits tightly on your waist without moving or hurting, and its color contrast makes a nice visual magnet. Whether you're going to the club or at the pride, these Premium Cotton briefs are trustworthy underwear for sexy men.

Product details:

✓ Part of the sexy and brand new Push Underwear Collection
✓ Made of soft and flexible Premium Cotton
✓ The seams are flat and not perceptible
✓ The waistband and thigh openings feature color contrasting
✓ Sexy and snug front pouch
✓ No hidden cups, pouches or paddings
✓ Made in the design studio in Berlin

Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Color: black, yellow


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