Tenga - Spinner Hexa

by Tenga

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Inner diameter = 3.5 / 5
Hardness = 4 / 5
Stimulation = 4 / 5

The latest masturbators in Tenga's incredible collection of strokers invented a wonderful spinning technology that twists and rotates as you stroke, giving you enhanced sensations with every up and down movement. Its pure and revisited design combine simple but effective aesthetics and special ribbed tunnel will help you decide for this incredible masturbator.

Available in three different colors and designs, the Hexa Spinner has a medium-sized inner diameter, a harder texture and provides the most stimulation of the three. By combining the textures of the hexagonal-shapes in the tunnel and its squeezy elastic material, this masturbator is suitable for all penis sizes. The incredibly-supple material can also be pressed even more for increased stimulation: the harder you press and stroke, the more incredible the sensations will be! Welcome to the next generation of masturbation sex toys.

For repeated use, the supple TPE material can be washed very easily with water and soap or special sex toy cleaner after use. The masturbators are compatible with water-based lubricants, especially Tenga's very own Hole Lotion, perfect with the Spinner strokers. Let air dry after cleanup.

Product details:

✓ Incredible twisting motion
✓ Brand-new Onacup design
✓ Reusable cup, easily washable
✓ Discreet and modern packaging
✓ Includes drying cup
✓ Includes a sample of Tenga's Hole Lotion

Dimensions US (inches) EU (mm)
Length 5.1 130
Diameter 1.8 45
Material TPE
Colour clear, orange


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