Satisfyer Men Extra Sleeve - Tri-Delights

by Satisfyer

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Extra insert sleeve for the Satisfyer Men - The masturbator "Satisfyer Men" must be purchased separately!

The brand new additional sleeve the Satisfyer Men is named Tri-Delights for the three-part tunnel that will feel incredible all throughout thanks to the first tight tunnel full of ribs leading to a sphere of pleasure with nubs all around. If you go deeper, you'll find additional hole-like vaults where your shaft will be massaged by pleasing textures, getting you closer to climax.

Of course, you can control the succion and tightness of the tunnel to experience more sensations thanks to the incredible cap and pressure regulators. The screwable cap can be open to let the air filter out or you can close it to create more vacuum and intensify the sucking effect. The side cushions can be inflated to make the whole tunnel tighter and more to your taste.

This article is an optional accessory. You need the Satisfyer Men to use it.

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Material: Cyberskin Silicone


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