Andrew Christian - Love Spectrum Jock

by Andrew Christian

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Thanks to the brand new Love Spectrum Jock, you'll look amazing thanks to the bright finite and exclusive edition that will never be made again! If you're looking for an amazing piece of underwear that will support your junk and enhance your exquisite body curves, look no further: the rainbow colored jock.

Andrew Christian's signature slimming waistband features a huge LOVE logo in bright red and contrasting with the rest of the jock for more visual stimulation. As if the straps supporting your butt didn't make it look plump enough, the colors and back straps will kind of put a target on your back for being the sexiest man of the parade.

As always, the anatomically correct front pouch has a lot of space for your junk which will feel snug and comfy thanks to the very light and elastic material, making you feel like you're not wearing anything! The new collection of underwear by the most famous men underwear in America virtually eliminated squashing, chafing and sticking underwear, for a very enjoyable wearing experience!

Product details:
✓ finite edition style that will never be made again
✓ sexy update on classic jockstraps
✓ features anatomically correct front pouch
✓ comes in finite edition Spectrum fabric
✓ features Andrew Christian's slimming signature LOVE waistband
✓ features stylish contrast details and bright colors
✓ will feel like you're not wearing anything at all!
✓ no padding or uncomfortable hidden straps
✓ extra room in the front, right where you need it
✓ designed in the Andrew Christian design studio in Los Angeles, California

Material: 90% polyamide, 10% spandex
Color: blue, rainbow colors
Care: machine wash cold, no bleach, low heat dry, do not iron


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