Penis Pump Bathmate Hydromax5 Clear

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How to use the Bathmate Hydromax5 penis pump?

Step 1. Get in a warm bath for 5 minutes, it helps loosen your skin.
Step 2. Fill the Bathmate with water and insert your penis in it.
Step 3. Form a tight seal with pump and body and start pumping (recommended: 15 minutes).
Step 4. Press on the top valve to eject the water.
Step 5. ????
Step 6. Profit.

Do penis pump work?

You might still wonder "what do penis pumps do?", well in a nutshell, the vacuum created inside the pump helps increase the flow and size of your veins and spongy penis muscles, which in turn make your penis look bigger while erected. Not only is it healthy to do that, it is also safer than taking pills for bigger erections. According to recent studies, vacuum pumps are as effective as other methods of treating erectyle dysfunction. Between 56 and 67% of men using a normal penis pump have reported that the device was effective. For the penis pump Bathmate Hydromax5 however, it's a whopping 92% satisfaction rate because Bathmate uses a special water-based vacuum exercise to increase the blood flow and your spongy muscles' size.

Product details:
✓ New design and materials
✓ Stronger, more visible effects
✓ Removable comfort pad
✓ Proven, lasting improvements in penis length and girth
✓ Better erections and stamina
✓ 92% of users are completely satisfied
✓ Certified skin and lube compatibility
✓ Superflow valve
✓ Measuring aid on the side to show your progress

Length: ca. 10.4" / 26,5 cm
Penis Diameter Recommended: ca. 1.97" / 5 cm
Color: transparent

Here is a video on how to use the Bathmate Penis Pump :


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