Hünkyjunk - Clutch - C&B Sling

by Hunkyjunk

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A real armor for your junk, that's the dream!

The Clutch by HunkyJunk is a supportive sling that wraps around your cock and balls and provide you with stimulation and support to enhance your erection and your sensations.

Not only does the stretchy combo of cockring and ballsling make you feel more pleasure, it will also help you get a harder erection so that you can last longer and of course please whoever you're trying to please ;)

The secret of the new Oxballs collection HunkyJunk is their amazing blend of silicone and TPR that is stretchy and tight at the same time, very soft and resistant for long uses. We recommend wearing the Clutch for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Product details:
✓ Smooth feeling
✓ Robust material
✓ Blend of silicone and TPR
✓ 3 in 1-Toy
✓ Perfect fit

Weight: approx. 1.66 oz / 47 g
Heigth: approx. 2.76" / 7 cm
Width: approx. 2.17" / 5.5 cm
Depth: approx. 2.17" / 5.5 cm
Diameter main hole: approx. 1.42" / 3.6 cm
Diameter shaft hole: approx. 1.18" / 3 cm
Diameter ball hole: approx. 1.1" / 2.8 cm
Material: TPR, silicone
Color: tar


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