Control - Intimate Therapy Anal Stroker

by Pipedream

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The Intimate Therapy Anal Stroker looks like a normal shampoo bottle and offers an inconspicuous design that hides a secret: the cap can be opened or closed for a different succion effect.

By letting it open, the air goes through and enables fast strokes, but by closing it, you'll create an intense succion effect like a vacuum that will recreate the same sensations as getting a deep throat.

Product details
✓ disguised masturbator
✓ discreet shampoo design
✓ perfect for shower or bathtub
✓ realistic experience
✓ controllable suction effect

Total length: approx. 8.5" / 21.6 cm
Diameter: approx. 3.4" / 8.6 cm
Material: TPE, ABS Plastic
Color: grey, black


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