Renegade - Paddle

by Renegade

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Renegade is famous for providing BDSM lovers with all kinds of great accessories with very affordable prices.

This Paddle is no exception: it is made of sturdy vinyl for some hot spanking sessions, covered with a smooth enough texture that you can still carress your partner with it when he/she is on his/her best behavior!

The Renegade paddle fits nicely in the hand and you won't lose it thanks to the hand loop for better handling.

After your session, you can clean it lightly with some antibacterial soap and water, but don't forget to dry it before storing it away.

Product details:
✓ perfect for a little spanking
✓ just right for BDSM beginners
✓ easy cleaning
✓ hot design

Total length: approx. 12.6" (32 cm)
Width: approx. 2.56" (6.5 cm)
Material: vinyl
Colour: black


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