Push Silicone - Dilator Sound Plug Beaded with Hole

by Push Silicone

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Cock Dilators were invented as a medical operation to treat urethra problems, and have been found to be responsible for incredible orgasms, so sex-toy producers have been hard at work to provide you with the safest ways to pleasure yourself!

Push Silicone is a collection of dilators and penis plugs that will create incredible sensations once inserted, available in different sizes and designs for the greatest stimulation to ever exist, as there are hundreds of stimulation points in the urethra.

The Dilator Sound Plug Beaded with Hole has five spherical bulges that stimulate you on the way in and out, and can be inserted very easily thanks to the flexible silicone. During your solo session or with a domina/master, the beads will touch the nerve endings in the urethra and create amazing sensations.

Product details:
✓ silicone dilator
✓ particularly flexible
✓ safety dome as stopper
✓ stimulates your urethra
✓ perfect for foreplay
✓ phthalate-free silicone

Total length: approx. 13.8" (15.5 cm)
Max. diameter: approx. 0.29" (7.3 mm)
Material: silicone
Colour: black


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