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The red WYFFR Flip Top Cap is a super practical new way of enjoying your poppers with more ease, thrills and less spills! The red WYFFR is compatible with all poppers from the small category as well as most medium and some large bottles (see below for more information).

Replace the original poppers cap and screw the Flip Top one on your favorite bottle for the duration of your session. You'll then be able to open it with the thumb and use it with one hand!

No more annoying security caps during your sessions, the WYFFR caps are super practical and let you enjoy your favorite aromas with ease! Plus, the glowing seal will glow in the dark!

Product details:
✓ Do not use the WYFFR for long-term storage or travel and replace the original cap after your session.
✓ The bottle should stand upright while the flip top cap is on.
✓ WYFFRs do not prevent liquid from spilling.
✓ The WYFFRs caps are not a tight seal.
✓ Hold the top of the flip cap with your finger when you want to shake the bottle.
✓ For an optimal glowing effect, charge the cap for 15 minutes under direct, bright light.

The Red cap fits:
- all bottles from the "Small" category,
- all "Medium" bottles (except Lolita and Red Pangolin),
- all "Big" bottles (except Red Devil/Black Skull/Rush Anniversary, XL Aluminum bottles and all "Square" bottles like Rush, Amsterdam or Blue Boy),
- all "Tall" bottles (like Highrise and Highrise Ultra Strong).

The Grey cap fits:
- all "Square" bottles from the "Big" category like Rush, Amsterdam and Blue Boy as well as Rush Anniversary.


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