Poppers WYFFR - Lanyard Red


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Find a new way to enjoy your poppers with ease around your neck with the new red Lanyard by WYFFR, your favorite poppers accessory brand!

This semi-elastic strap fits around your neck and gives you easy access to your best poppers and be ready for instant action! Best used with a WYFFR Flip Top Cap when you're at the club, the lanyard is super practical and can also be placed around your hand, wrist or arm to always have your poppers within reach.

Product details:
✓ Easy access to your cleaner
✓ Hangs conveniently around your neck
✓ Stretchy material
✓ Can be worn around your hand, wrist or arm
✓ Eye-catching contrasting colors
✓ Special mixed colour pattern

Total length: approx. 40 cm
Material: silicone
Color: red, black


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