Tenga - Flip Zero Gravity Masturbator - Soft Edition

by Tenga

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With the white Tenga Flip Zero Gravity masturbator, you'll live out incredible stimulation thanks to its highest standard of technology featuring fine, densely-packed details that gently invigorate. This Soft Edition is filled with gentle details that let you enjoy smooth and quick strokes for maximum pleasure.

The inside of the sleeve is filled to the brim with smooth textures, from the Massive Gears and Multi-Step Orb at the top to stimulate your knob, to the Dual Wavy Gate, Carving Ball and Gentle Edge so you can enjoy the most satisfying and enjoyable sensations as soon as you penetrate the masturbator.

After insertion, you can squeeze the Pressure Pads on the sides to provide more focus stimulation, tighten the hole and inner tunnel and create a stronger internal vacuum for some real blowjob and deep throat sensations.

For optimal lubrication, open the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity and apply your favorite water-based lube on the inner sleeve, then close the masturbator and lock it with the Slide Arms used as a drying stand, then lubricate the entry point as well.

After your session, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or sextoy cleaner, then let it air dry completely thanks to the included handles.

Product details:
✓ Highest form of masturbation technology
✓ New inner sleeve filled to the brim with soft textures
✓ Pressure pads for varying tightness
✓ Flip modus prevents lubrication leak
✓ Easy cleaning and drying
✓ Sample of lube included

Length: approx. 18 cm
Width: approx. 8 cm
Height: approx. 7 cm
Weight: approx. 756 g
Material: PC, TPE, Silicone
Color: White


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