Galaxy Poppers Booster Cap small

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The brand-new Galaxy Booster Cap Small makes for an ultra-awesome experience, no hassle, just pure, strong sensations! Made with high quality and brushed plastic, the material is silky-smooth and enables a more fun approach to your poppers sessions or your evening out! Just take the original cap of your poppers bottle off, screw the Galaxy Booster on and experience maximum stimulation out of your aroma!

Get ready for a more intense kick and always have the bottle at hand for a quick one-handed use. The Galaxy Booster Cap lets you enjoy your favorite poppers on a whole new level, you will feel the difference! The six holes on the inside create the perfect circulation of the aroma, giving it more power and effects! The scent is developed better thanks to the two incoming air holes for the optimal flow. The nostril design prevents you from coming into direct contact with the bottle or the aroma for added safety.

The compatible bottles are all the 10 ml bottles from the category "Small poppers" and all the bottles from the Lockerroom Canada brand. After your session, unscrew the Galaxy Booster and replace the original cap to close your bottle properly. You can clean the cap with some water. Booster caps do not prevent evaporation.

Product details:
✓ High quality brushed plastic
✓ Easy to use and to clean
✓ No awkward handling, just screw it on!
✓ For a better, more intense experience with poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ Aroma escapes only through the tunnel


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