Taboom - Prick Stick Electro Shock Wand

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The Prick Stick is an Electro Shock Wand from the brand Taboom, the experts of love play and BDSM lifestyle, covering all kinds of kinks and perfect for beginners and pros alike. Experience the world of BDSM and electro-stimulation with this wand that creates loud but harmless crackling sparks so stimulate your partner.

Whether you're into domination, educating your puppy or just providing your partner with stimulating and tickling sparks, the Shock Wand make your session even more exciting! You'll love to give your partner their fair share of electric sparks when the need arises!

This high quality product combines a sleek design with exciting, soft and non-conductible materials to give you a reliable tool for your BDSM games. When cleaning, swipe with a wet cloth.

Product details:
✓ Exciting e-stimulation stick
✓ Loud but harmless crackling sparks
✓ Mildly painful and ticklish sensations
✓ Stimulates your senses
✓ Protective, non-conductive rubber handle
✓ Perfect for beginners and experienced players
✓ Wash by swiping with a wet cloth

Total length: approx. 34 cm
Batteries: rechargeable with USB cable (provided)
Material: ABS plastic, nickel-free metal
Color: red, black


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