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Rating: 1/5
by Kevin 2018-03-19
It was good while it lasted

DO NOT ORDER IF YOU LIVE IN USA. I placed an order on March 1st...git email saying it shipped... Emailed them as it still hadn't arrived and they respond saying they can no longer ship to USA

Rating: 5/5
by Randy_liverpool 2018-03-01
Very nice!

Excellent quality product. The bottle is a little awkward but there are ways to make use easier. Pulling the stopper out can cause spillage so I find it easier to pierce the stopper with a knife. Instead of shaking the bottle as if you're mixing a cocktail which of course will cause the contents to spill down between the cap and the screw thread, stir the bottle in a circular motion thus sending the pellet whizzing around and around - less noisy too. Once finished with, use a piece of cling film under the cap ensuring the film is big enough to cover the thread with the lid fully screwed down and store the bottle in the freezer - this will slow down the deterioration.

Rating: 5/5
by Jonhson verified buyer 2018-02-28

First hit this u know why it rush but after 5 hits its done per day thx

Rating: 1/5
by Stubblecrush 2018-02-16
Strong poppers but DREADFUL packaging

If you can get into them the poppers inside are great (a good rush without a headache) but the bottle design is TERRIBLE. Not once have I been able to open the inner seal without cutting at it with a sharp knife (not great even if you are sober). Once open, the bottle leaks if you even look at it, let alone shaking it. You'll end up with poppers everywhere - on your hands and face. All in all, the poppers inside simply aren't worth it.

Rating: 2/5
by ben 2017-11-25
poppers are not so good wide opening make it hard to shake

if you shake it to get extra head you will get a lot of drups at you when u will open the lead. the aroma its like other rush maybe little better but still rush ultra strong give you a better effect

Rating: 4/5
by Arik V 2017-10-07
Weird container, strong aroma

I prefer the regular Rush but this one is very good. The container is weird a bit and not seals completely so will leak sometimes. The aroma is intense but need to use carefully not to spill it because it has a very large opening.

Rating: 4/5
by John verified buyer 2017-09-26
First Time with Radikal Rush!!!

I found it weird, I didn't know how to open this bottle, I found the way and I gave it a try, it's so good, the potency of this popper stays much more longer than other brands I tried, the bottle helps I guess, highly recommended!!!

Rating: 5/5
by Chris verified buyer 2017-08-12

“There is a reason this is called Radikal! This stuff is insane. I also don't get a headache like I have gotten from others. Try a bottle. You will not be disappointed!”

Rating: 4/5
by Muscleblast 2017-07-22
Great product except for container

Great product; intense, short lasting (I like), no headache. My one and only complaint is the container. It's cumbersome, difficult to use, makes a loud noise when shaken. It doesn't seal particularly well and will leak vapors. Would definitely rate a five star plus had the container been more user friendly.

Rating: 5/5
by Stephen & Alex verified buyer 2017-05-28
Radikal Rush

Its the only popper that gets Alex's 10" dick all the way down my throat !!

Rating: 4/5
by carl verified buyer 2017-05-04
dont underestimate this poppers

extreme strong! not for beginners. -1 star for the bottle, pain in the ass to open. but it has a wide opening. maybe this is the reason why it is so overwhelming.

Rating: 5/5
by Scott verified buyer 2017-04-22

strong odor for sexual arousal

Rating: 3/5
by Britney verified buyer 2017-01-30

Very good poppers but rough on my throat. Strong zing to these. Worth a try but strong aroma. Comes in a tin can/bottle with a wide mouth.

Rating: 5/5
by Jeff verified buyer 2016-11-10
Best ever

This is the best Poppers I ever had!!!

Rating: 5/5
by Nicholas verified buyer 2016-10-15
Approaching the good old days!

This is the closest I have found the good old days in the 70s and 80s....when poppers had a wallop! No-headache stuff, even after a lusty night of use! Strong, smooth and the cap has been improved in recent months to be completely air-tight.

Rating: 5/5
by Tom verified buyer 2016-10-12

This one is much stronger and smells better than other products. I love the new aluminum container, as it is very sturdy and practical.