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Swiss Navy Premium Anal Jelly 59 ml
12.90 EUR
Swiss Navy Premium Anal Jelly 150 ml
24.90 EUR
S8 Hybrid Extra Thick Fist Lube 500ml
29.90 EUR
FistIt Numbing Water Based Lubricant 25 ml
6.50 EUR
FistIt Butter Water-based Lube 25 ml
6.90 EUR
FistIt Anal Relaxer Lube 25 ml
6.50 EUR
FistIt Water Based Lubricant 25 ml
5.90 EUR
Crisco 1360 g
24.90 EUR 28.90 EUR−14%
You save: 4.00 EUR (14%)

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Why use lubricant?

Lubes have a big part in the love life of billions of people, so there's little we can add to that. The important part is choosing the right lubricant for the right encounter. If you love anal sex, there's plenty of lubes specifically designed to make the experience smoother and less painful. Lubricants were created to eliminate dryness, as the anus is one of the only zones which is not naturally lubricated, meaning you're going to need some help if you want to slip right in without any problem.

What kind of lubricant?

Some lubricants mention that they are specifically designed for anal intercourse, these are generally thicker than other gels and are can be used longer without having to use some more. Naturally, anal lubes can be used for vaginal intercourse or masturbation without problem. The water-based lubes are compatible with all types of condoms and sextoys. Silicone sextoys cannot be used with silicone-based lubricants as they could deteriorate the texture and make them unsafe.

How to use lubricants?

Even if our lubes are all hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, you will want to try a small portion of the lubricant on your arm before going further. If after a few minutes you discover that the skin turned red, stop using the product immediately. Otherwise, take a generous dollop of lubricant either in your hands to rub it and warm it up or directly on the area you need to lube up. For better lubrication, apply it directly on both parts that are going to smooch together and a smoother insertion.

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