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Poppers Box

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The super practical black Poppers Box is now available to buy as a single object: it was only available as a free present when you bought a Do-It-Yourself poppers pack, but after many customers asked to be able to buy it individually, we were more than happy to oblige!

The black Poppers Box was created specially to fit four small poppers and you will not find it anywhere else! It's practical and it looks cool, you can store your poppers with ease in the fridge or on your bedside table. Four poppers from the small category, or from the medium category (except Magnum and Skull) and the aluminium bottles will fit the box.

If you have to move them from room to room, the Box is practical and sturdy enough to absorb shocks and protects your bottles. If you're into mixing poppers together to create new sensations, we can highly recommend the box as you can mix and match your favorite bottles and transport them together.

Made with strong black plastic, the Box is stable and will not only prevent your poppers from spilling or falling over, it also shows your love for our Push brand. Buy additionally four of your favorite small poppers and put them in the black box, you'll love how they look together!

Product details:
✓ Made with sturdy black plastic
✓ Environmentally friendly material
✓ Fits perfectly four small (10 ml) bottles
✓ Can also fit four aluminium bottles
✓ Or medium bottles (except Magnum and Skull)
✓ Protects against shocks, spills and falls
✓ Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 3 cm

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