Anal Douche - Shower Shot

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Dimensions: 16,5 cm
Diameter: approx. 3 cm
Hose-length: 150 cm cm
Removable perforated soft jelly dong comes with a non-tarnishing, nickel-free hose that easily attaches to any shower.

This beautiful set combines business and pleasure in the most efficient way!

About the Easy-to-Use Anal Douche

The Easy-to-Use Anal Bulb Douche really is everything its name promises - and more! More of a Set than just a single Douche, the Easy-to-Use contains no less than three different nozzles, each with its own form, designed specifically to reach the most unreacheable places, while giving you the maximum amount of pleasure at the same time! Look at the picture to get a clearer impression of how the nozzles look: one is shaped like an arrow, one's ergonomically bent, and one's ribbed, ensuring completely new sensations each and every time you use them! Their measurements make them ideal for first-time users, and also for those more experienced - and in need of a quick and easy colon-cleansing fix.

How to use the Easy-to-Use Anal Douche

To be able to use the Easy-to-Use Douche, you have to fill its bulb with a liquid - we recommend choosing water. Now, you can either fill up the bulb directly (holding it under water usually does the trick quite quickly), or you can put on a nozzle, press the bulb together, put the nozzle in the liquid, and release; this way, the liquid is sucked up by the Douche. The rest is child's play: put some (preferably water-based) lubricant on the nozzle, insert it where the sun don't shine, squeeze gently, and become clean in no time!


- Very easy to clean
- Even easier to use
- Holds up to 80 ml
- Contains 3 different nozzles


Total length c.22 cm
Insertable length c.10 cm
Nozzles c.12 cm x c.1.5 / 1.8 / 2 cm
Bulb c.10 cm x c.5 cm
Material Rubber, PP
Colour Black


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