Penis Pump - Beginner's Power Black

by Pipedream

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Pump Worx is the brand of penis pumps for those who appreciate efficiency and quality and want a penis pump that lasts long and always works without problems! No fancy gimmicks, no cheap tricks, just a pump, and a very effective one at that!

The choice of Pump Worx pumps is quite wide - which one to choose? There are many different types and sizes, but first you need to decide if you are interested in a regular pump, an automatic pump or a vibrating pump.

The Beginner's Power Pump is called "regular" penis pump, which does exactly what it is supposed to do: make your penis bigger by stimulating its blood flow to increase its size and erection! The vacuum created when you insert your penis and start pumping increases the pressure inside the cylinder, stimulating your blood flow and the size of your spongy muscles. The result is long-lasting and impressive: you'll have a bigger erection!

Especially for beginners in the field of penis enlargement, this pump will provide a lot of pleasure: with each pressure of the hand pump, you will see your penis grow and thanks to a special quick air-release valve you can remove the pressure in a fraction of a second, if necessary.

The opening with the cuff is flexible and therefore adapted to your size without any problem, increasing pleasure when you insert yourself in it. In short, this pump is not only easy to use but also very efficient, the black color completes everything in an exciting way.

Insertable Length: approx. 7.48" / 19 cm
Total length: approx. 7.87" / 20 cm
Diameter: approx. 2.2" / 5.6 cm
Material: ABS Plastic


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