3 + 1 Rush Ultra Strong 10 ml

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Content: 4 x 10 = 40 ml

Great deal: buy three bottles of Rush Ultra Strong 10 ml and receive one additional bottle free of charge!

Rush: the name alone is almost synonymous with poppers! If there is any room odouriser that can lay claim to being the most famous brand in the world, this is certainly it.

Rush Ultra Strong: now we're talking! This scent is one of the most powerful you can legally get your hands on - two times stronger than our regular Rush Liquid Incense, three times stronger than the Special USA-Formula Rush.

This bottle contains "just" ten millilitres of Rush Ultra Strong Poppers, but believe you us: it'll last you a long time, since stuff this strong needs only be used in very small doses...

Special offer: 3 + 1 Rush Ultra Strong 10 ml... Don't miss out!


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