Glans Ring - Steel Ball

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Glans rings surely belong to the more intimate and inconspicuous penis accessories - however, they're also some of the most sexually satisfying!

Push Steel Ball

Through exerting pressure, the Steel Ball Glans Ring partly blocks the urethral exit, which makes it more difficult to ejaculate in one quick go.

The build-up of sperm feels intensely erotic, and may cause an orgasm to last much, much longer than usual - and who wouldn't want that? The Steel Ball makes it possible!


Attached to the Steel Ball Glans Ring is a little steel ball - hence the ring's name - which should be worn on the frenulum. This guarantees more pleasure still... Your orgasms will truly be unmatched!

This glans ring is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it extremely strong: it practically doesn't bend or break, and it will last you a lifetime. Furthermore, it's really easy to (keep) clean and won't irritate your skin.


Several†inner diameters are available: 0.98″ (25 mm),†1.1″ (28 mm),†1.18″ (30 mm), and†1.26″ (32 mm).

thickness ca. 0.12″ (3 mm)
diameter ball ca. 0.39″ (10 mm)
material steel
colour metallic


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