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The COLT pump is an incredible penis pump, very easy to use for penis enlargement. A pumping system that gives you the size and confidence you've always dreamed of. By pulling the pump a few centimetres, your shaft will grow in size and power thanks to the power of vacuum.

How to use the COLT Big Man Penis Pump System:

Developed as a safe and affordable alternative to surgery and pills, this penis pump is the easiest way to instantly enlarge your penis without any unwanted side effects, and can even help you overcome impotence. The syringe-shaped pump is connected to the cylinder via a flexible and easy-to-install tube. The flange on the cylinder opening allows for a more comfortable fit and a tight seal. The pressure is of course largely adjustable, and you can even see the effect directly on your penis thanks to the transparent cylinder and the gradation to compare what size you will achieve after pumping. Once satisfied, press the release button for quick depressurization.

Properties of the COLT Penis Pump

This pump contains a 29 cm plastic cylinder, an easy-to-handle suction pump and a 34 cm flexible tube. The pump has a quick air-release button. It is recommended to clean your sextoy after each use with hot water and soap or sextoy cleaner.

Product details:
- instantly increases the size of your erection
- improves your sexual performance
- transparent cylinder with gradation
- comfortably wide and rounded collar
- easy to clean
- quick-release button

Hose length: approx. 13.39" / 34 cm
Cylinder length: approx. 11.42" / 29 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 3.94" / 10 cm
Inner diameter: approx. 2.56" / 6.5 cm
Materials: silicone (tube), acrylic glass (cylinder), ABS plastic (pump)


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