Penis Pump - Powerhouse by Renegade

by Renegade

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The Renegade Penis Pump is a true Powerhouse: thanks to its rechargeable battery, the suction will be like no other at the simple press of a button. Start sucking and your penis will grow by the second! When you've reached the size you want, you're ready for action !

Penis pumps help fight erectile dysfunction and impotence by kickstarting the erection through the power of vacuum. The fully automatic pump Powerhouse allows that at the touch of a button. The intensity can be cycled easily with the four settings: low, medium, high and max.

After you've had your fun, don't forget recharging the battery with the USB cable provided.

Product details:
✓ Transparent Cylinder
✓ Industrial Grade Acrylic
✓ Quiet, Powerful Motor
✓ With Supple TPE Donut
✓ USB Rechargeable

Length: approx. 12" / 30,5 cm
Cylinder length: approx. 8.27" / 21 cm
Cylinder diameter: approx. 2.76" / 7 cm
Cylinder inner diameter: approx. 2.46" / 6,25 cm
Material: Acrylic (cylinder), ABS plastics (controller), TPE (donut)
Power: Internal battery, rechargeable via USB


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