Elegant Shorts - Raf blue

by Modus Vivendi

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The all-new Elegant swim shorts by Modus Vivendi make you the most-stylish man at the swimming pool or at the beach thanks to its tight form and discreet color that will still attract the gazes from people around you.

With its material made from polyamide and elasthane, the fabric is versatile, light and offers a shiny and polished finish that is not only super soft to the touch, but also gives you a unique look.

The large and elastic waistband is particularly comfortable, doesn't scratch and is especially designed to stay in place even during intense physical sessions. These swimming shorts are made with a special elastic fabric that dries three times faster than other shorts and offers a really modern and masculine style!

Product details:

✓ Brand new collection by Modus Vivendi
✓ High quality material
✓ Unique glossy and shiny textile
✓ Very modern and tight look
✓ Pleasant, discreet and masculine colors
✓ Extra-soft textile
✓ Designed in Greece

Material: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthane
Color: air force blue


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