Renegade - Wrist Cuffs

by Renegade

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The Renegade Wrist Cuffs are made of sturdy vinyl for durability and comfort as its smooth texture locks you into a false feeling of relaxation but don't forget you're the prisoner here.

Your partner can bind you up to the bed or any other surface by placing your arms on the bed railing for instance.

The sturdy carabiners as well as the velcro surface allow for a quick fastening and hot action will follow!

Restraining your movement is the first step for letting go and enjoying the moment, so let your partner take the reins and guide you into a session of hot bondage.

Renegade has a lot of wonderful accessories to make your BDSM sessions be as wild or hard as you want, but you can alwas go slow and create deeply satisfying sessions with your trustworthy partner.

Product details:
✓ size adjustable cuffs
✓ sturdy carabiners
✓ perfect for BDSM beginners
✓ easy cleaning
✓ hot design

Cuff circumference: approx. 5.3 - 9.25" (13.5 - 23.5 cm)
Cuff width: approx. 2" (5.1 cm)
Material: vinyl, metal
Colour: black


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