Anal beads from Soft Touch Silicone Medium

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These Medium-sized anal beads are made with incredibly soft silicone for smooth and easy insertions.

The Soft Touch material is 100% safe and will glide into you but be sure to use some water-base lube with it.

Anal Beads made with silicone are inserted very easily. Once you are about to climax, pull the beads out one by one and you will experience one of the best orgasms of your life, an explosion of incredible sensations that will leave you content and happy.

The Medium-sized Anal Beads are perfect for experienced players and beginners who want to try something more stimulating!

Product details:
✓ flexible anal chain
✓ easy handling
✓ constant size of pearls
✓ made in one piece
✓ body-friendly silicone

Total length: approx. 15.3" (39 cm)
Ball diameter: approx. 1.5" (3,75 cm)
Material: silicone
Colour: black


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