Push Silicone - Dilator Sound Plug with Hole

by Push Silicone

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The Dilator Sound Plug is the shortest penis plug but don't be fooled by its size: it's just as incredible as any other dilator thanks to its rounded and pointy tip and a notch of stimulation that will create crazy intense and good sensations throughout your whole body!

Urethral sounding was created in the medical field to discover and treat problems, but doctors have noticed the patients were experiencing incredible pleasure during the operations, so a new type of sexual stimulation was created and can now be used by everybody.

Push Silicone created ten new penis plugs for your pleasure: the Dilator Sound Plug is a short plug with a rounded tip for easy insertions and intense pleasure sensations as you take it all in and out.

Product details:
✓ short silicone dilator
✓ urination easily possible
✓ particularly flexible
✓ stimulates your urethra
✓ perfect for foreplay
✓ phthalate-free silicone

Total length: approx. 3.35" (8.5 cm)
Diameter: approx. 0.31" (7.9 mm)
Material: silicone
Colour: black


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